Meet BOQ Candidate Nominee Shelby Kramp-Neuman

December 07, 2020

Meet Bay of Quinte Candidate Nominee Shelby Kramp-Neuman

Born in Belleville Ontario, Shelby was raised in the neighbouring small-town of Madoc.

Shelby is married to Tadum Neuman and embraces her role as a Mom and mentor to her daughters Tori and Reese by encouraging positive attitudes, healthy active living, responsibility and the love of learning.

After completing her degree in Communications & Political Science at the University of Ottawa, Shelby has worked in government, public office and the private sector. She was a parliamentary assistant in Ottawa to the late Jim Prentice, MP and also worked for Senator Consiglio Di Nino. Later, she was employed with Global Affairs Canada and was selected to become a Canadian representative in Seattle Washington. She is conversant in both French and Spanish and taught French in Belleville schools for 4 years.

In her political life, Shelby understands the challenges faced by rural communities, having been elected to serve on the Centre Hastings Municipal council for 15 years, serving on the Chamber of Commerce and various committees including Economic Development. In her last term of office, she held the position of Deputy Mayor. She has also been engaged in several successful provincial and federal campaigns.
In her career in the financial sector, as an advisor for Sun Life, she has provided outstanding service to her clients, friends and family, across the Bay of Quinte. As an 11-year veteran of the industry, she demonstrates a commitment to excellence and has been recognized as her regions’ top holistic advisor on numerous occasions.

Shelby has long aspired to enter federal politics. As the daughter of a highly respected Member of Parliament who served the Prince Edward-Hastings riding from 2004 to 2015, she understands the perseverance, grit and commitment that it takes to be an effective MP. She feels that now is the time for her to step forward and give back to her community. She has seen firsthand how to get things done in Ottawa and on the local level. She also knows that actions speak louder than words.

When asked about her strengths and ‘what she brings to the table’ she refers to her political and business experience, her energy and commitment to serve, and her ability to listen and bring people together, including her recognition of the value of different perspectives in achieving common goals to strengthen our communities and our country.

Building a self reliant and resilient Canada starts with creating strong and healthy communities right here in the Bay of Quinte. Shelby believes that we all need to come together, work hard and have pride in who we are as Canadians. With your support, Shelby has the experience, aptitude and attitude needed to get the job done. The choice we make today impacts tomorrow.

She’s up to the challenge & humbly asks for your support.

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