Meet BOQ Candidate Nominee Ryan Williams

December 07, 2020

Meet BOQ Candidate Nominee Ryan Williams


"I am looking forward to continuing to work hard for you in the Bay of Quinte! 

I would like to thank all the people who have bought memberships.  You are the building blocks needed to help elect the next Conservative MP for the Bay of Quinte! 

I am running to be your next Conservative nominee and your MP for the Bay of Quinte Region.  I have lived here for most of my 41 years and every day I know that I am blessed to be living in such a great riding.

I am the proud father of Jack, Patrick, and Zooey, and have been honoured to have Allyson as my wife, partner, and confidant.  When I look at our family's future, I know our country needs change to bring prosperity, hope, and sustainability for this generation and those that follow.  I live here, I work here, and I want our kids to have a chance to do the same. 

For 16 years I have been working to build this region as a local businessman, as an active volunteer in many organizations, and a local politician. 

I've spent over 30,000 volunteer hours to build and lead organizations that have focused on growth in the region which include Bay of Quinte Tourism, Bay of Quinte Living, and QuinteVation. With this experience I have a better understanding of what and where government help is needed to create, to grow, and to sustain local business.

I regard helping others as an important part of my life; especially those charities, organizations, and causes that help the people in our community.  I also am a business owner who has felt the impact of the recent pandemic and knows that we need a government that will help our country and our businesses thrive.

I would like to recognize Tim Durkin for his valiant effort, as our candidate, in the last election and I want to wish he and his family well in their future endeavours.  During this nomination campaign, I have spoken to so many people, and I know our region has a promising future.  I want to continue to be a part of helping our region grow and prosper.  

Please consider voting for me as your Conservative candidate for the Bay of Quinte Region, and let's go forward, together. "

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