August 27, 2018

Bay of Quinte Federal Conservative candidate Tim Durkin says he is excited to work with residents, to showcase positive policy, ahead of the 2019 election.

Durkin was a delegate in Halifax, Nova Scotia this weekend, for the 2018 Conservative Party of Canada National Convention.
Delegates from across Canada took part in policy discussion and election preparation and took in a tremendous keynote speech from the Leader of the Official Opposition Andrew Scheer.

Durkin says it was a very positive experience, “The great thing about the party is you get to discuss a wide range of issues, whether it be social policy, the economy, immigration, energy, and everything in between. It was a really great learning experience as we head into the 2019 election.”

Durkin adds the party covered policy which will focus on eliminating the Carbon Tax and focus on getting our energy from western to eastern Canada. “Working towards getting natural resources to market so we are not relying on importing from other countries, eliminating penalties for charities or faith groups who hold certain values and beliefs, and looking at free trade will be a focus.” 

He says, “although there is still more than a year before the next federal election, Canada’s Conservatives are a united party, an excited party, and a party that brings a positive option to Canadians. The focus will be policy, not personal.”
Durkin says, “One of the good things about the Conservatives is they are a big tent party, and even though there are many diverse opinions, all discussion was done with respect for differences of opinion.”